Site Team

The 10mx10m exposed section of the Bronze Age causeway. This is the only place in Europe where these kind of archaeological remains can be viewed.

In addition to the DigVentures core staff, we have some fantastic field archaeologists and specialists joining us at Flag Fen. Here’s a little bit more about the ‘Dream Team’!


Michael Bamforth, Assistant Director

A research‐active waterlogged wood specialist, Michael will bring international experience to the project, with special expertise in the excavation, recording, analysis and publication of preserved wood from a multitude of sites and landscapes. He has worked commercially since 1997, latterly as fieldwork manager for LP Archaeology for excavation projects in London and the South‐East. Michael brings unparalleled local knowledge to the team, having been professionally associated with Flag Fen since 1997. Drawing on this experience and research, he will assume on‐site responsibility for trenches in the wetland zone, and coordinate specialist environmental assessment in post‐excavation.

David Britchfield, Assistant Director

With over 13 years experience in both the private and public sector, David brings both curatorial and contracting skills to the project. Beginning his career at Flag Fen (Soke Archaeological Services) he has maintained a strong research interest in wetland archaeology, pursued whilst working with Kent County Council advising on best archaeological practice in wetland environments, and working directly with developers as a successful freelance contractor. David will be responsible for excavations in the dryland zone on Northey Island. Notable directing credits include:
• Large aisled Roman villa in Suffolk;
• Early Medieval caisson in north London;
• Prehistoric agrarian landscape near Herne Bay in Kent;
• Large Early Medieval settlement and Early Bronze Age burial mound on the Isle of Sheppey
• Complex urban stratigraphy associated with multi‐phased occupation of Faversham.

Matthew Juddery, Trench Supervisor

Matt has a Master’s degree in archaeology from the University of Sheffield, focusing on Bronze Age archaeology and metalwork. For the past two years he has been working in the commercial sector with MOLA, where he met the infamous Dave! (Raksha), and got involved with the Flag Fen Lives project. Matt has also worked on community research projects, such as the Damerham Archaeology Project.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and humour to the DV team, not the least of which is the question of the summer: does he carry a digging bag, or a toiletries bag?! Watch our videos to see more!

Dr Louise Iles, Trench Supervisor

Lou graduated from the UCL Institute of Archaeology in 2004. She worked in UK commercial units for about 6 months, and then interned in the archaeology section of the British Institute in Eastern Africa, Nairobi. Her PhD looked at the development of iron production in western Uganda.

Since leaving UCL, she has run excavations in Tanzania for the University of York, and has taken on a range of research work ranging from geoarchaeology, to history of science, and materials analysis. She has worked on a range of metallurgical and non-metallurgical material, including copper- and iron-working remains, ceramics, glass and amber from China, the UK, Spain, northern India, Russia and Cambodia. Lou has always enjoyed digging in the UK; whereas most of us head abroad for our bus-man’s holiday, Lou is having hers on home ground, and is very much enjoying her time at Flag Fen.

Daniel Juhasz, Digital Video Specialist

Dr Benjamin Roberts, Curator, European Bronze Age, the British Museum

Dr Benjamin Gearey, Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology, University of Birmingham

Kristina Krawiec, Research Assistant, University of Birmingham

Tim Schadla-Hall, Reader in Public Archaeology, the UCL Institute of Archaeology and Kezia Evans, Masters candidate UCL

Ian Panter, Principal Conservator, York Archaeological Trust

More specialists will be announced as the project progresses!