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Archaeologists find bones of a medieval knight who died from jousting injuries

Headland Archaeology discover what could be the remains of a Norman Knight @HistoryExtra — Headland Archaeology (@HeadlandArchUK) February 16, 2015 These days, it’s pretty rare to die from work-related injuries, but for a knight whose job it was to knock opponents off a charging horse or die trying, well, at some point one […]

How to impress an archaeologist with LEGO

Ok, to put things in context, let’s start with something simple. When I make LEGO, it looks a bit like this: But fine, other people make better LEGO pyramids with stuff inside, like this: Of course, on the internet, it’s not long before you find someone taking LEGO pyramids to a whole other level. This […]

Don’t Leave Your Dead Behind! How ancient Bolivians took their dead wherever they went

The burial practices of settled populations are rich and varied. Some bury their dead in cemeteries, separate from the places where domestic activities are carried out, others under the floor of a family home. But what happens when you’re on the move? Do you leave your relatives behind? Or do you find a way to […]