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How to Pass Yourself Off as a Medieval Doctor in Six Easy Steps

Medieval medicine is a bizarre and almost magical thing. It’s as rich in detailed botanical descriptions as it is in off-the-wall remedies, like powdered owls and toad goo. Germs hadn’t been discovered yet, and the science behind medicine was mostly a mystery. And yet, alongside all the quackery, there was an emerging medical infrastructure that […]

How green were the first cities?

Early urban settlements were sites of increased biodiversity. We often think of sprawling urbanism as bringing death to the countryside. All that concrete and industry rides roughshod over the landscape. But many modern studies show that with gardens, parks and all sorts of microenvironments, cities can actually bring about increased biodiversity. And it seems the […]

17 Best Archaeology Songs of All Time

Puns. Music. Archaeology. All rolled into one. What more do you want? 1. Smack My Ditch Up #ArchaeologySongs (sorry) — Dr Rachel Pope (@preshitorian) May 14, 2015 2. I Like King Tut and I Cannot Lie #ArchaeologySongs — isabelle m (@izzy68) August 1, 2014 3. Let’s Get Geophysical #ArchaeologySongs — Tim Fowler (@timlibrarian) August 1, […]

Why we shouldn’t write off conflict-damaged sites

Taking a closer look at conflict-damaged sites has had unexpected results for archaeology. The damage to ancient sites caused by conflict, looting and terrorism has been a recurring headline this year and there are many more sites still under threat. Damaged sites are often disregarded by archaeological professionals who consider their potential to provide any […]

Splinter Cell Archaeology

Pillbox may conceal medieval archaeology. Can you help uncover it? No, this story isn’t about Tom Clancy’s epic computer game. Instead, it’s about the real archaeological evidence for a medieval splinter group concealed in a WW2 pillbox and the special team we need to put together to retrieve it… The story starts in 1182, when […]