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Losing Your Trowel: the Five Stages of Grief

Considering how dearly archaeologists cherish their well-worn trowels, could breaking or, perish the thought, losing your favourite trowel follow a similar pattern to the five stages of grief (otherwise known as the Kübler-Ross model)? In search of enlightenment, serial trowel loser Brendon Wilkins retraced his steps, starting with… 1. Denial What are you on about? Of course […]

Archaeologists Taught 180 College Students How to Make Stone Tools. Here’s What They Learnt.

Stone tools drove the evolution of language and teaching Two and a half million years ago, our hominin ancestors in the African savanna started crafting rocks into flakes sharp enough to easily slice apart a dead gazelle.. Over the next 700,000 years, this butchering technology spread throughout the continent, but remained largely unchanged until the […]