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Five Haunted Archaeological Artefacts that You Will Never Want to Lay Hands On

Halloween should really be the worst time of the year for archaeologists. After all, we’ve disturbed more dead souls than most. How can we relax and enjoy the bat’s blood punch when we’re constantly worrying that the Iron Age fella we found last season might show up for the party? Here are five haunted artefacts […]

10 Photos that Show Us What We Can Learn By Digging Up the Trenches of WW1

This week, the news broke that archaeologists have re-discovered a system of World War One trenches on the Isle of Sheppey, an island just off the coast of North Kent, that had been totally forgotten. What’s remarkable about these trenches is that they were dug in preparation for a German invasion. This makes them pretty […]

DigVentures and the BBC One Show: Devil Dog Black Shuck Returns!

Site Dog in control!

DigVentures’ massive media moment began this past June with a throw-away comment in a parish newsletter, which grew into a tongue-in-cheek story in the local paper, and then matured into a fully-fledged monster tale eagerly lapped up by the world’s media. DV Projects Director Brendon Wilkins here tells the REAL story of the archaeological discovery […]

10 Best and Worst Horror Movies Featuring Archaeologists

‘Intrepid-archaeologist-disturbs-ancient-evil’ has got to be one of the most ubiquitous horror movie tropes out there; our seemingly irrepressible intrepid-ness means we’re forever sticking our trowels in where they’re not wanted, opening up some cursed tomb and awakening some demonic spirit from a millenium-long nap. When will we learn? Some things are just better off left […]