House of Terror

House of Terror Museum

Now we all like the good old British Museum, but here at DigVentures, we like to venture a little further afield. So, for this week’s #MuseumMonday, we visited the Terror Haza (House of Terror) in Budapest, Hungary. Tucked away in the historical Andrassy Avenue Boulevard, the House of Terror is a multi-sensory memorial to terrors […]

Digging Up The Dovedale Coin Hoard

  Last year, a small group of archaeologists from the University of Leicester Archaeological Services, the National Trust and participants of The Defence Archaeology Group’s Operation Nightingale were called to Reynard’s Kitchen Cave in Dovedale, Derbyshire, after a local climber had discovered four coins. What they found was a mixed hoard of 26 Iron Age and […]

Tunnel Warfare: World War One’s Secret Underground Landscape

WW1 tunnel

The turfed up landscapes, harrowing scenes of battle, fortified strongholds, mines and barbed wire are well known features of World War One. But the extent of war digs deeper than that…. much deeper! Unknown to many, underground tunneling was a tactic used extensively on the Western Front during WW1. Who, What, Why? Specialist Tunneling Companies […]