Finland’s First Crowdfunded Dig Unearths Rare Iron Age Site

Horse head pendant from Pirttitörmä

Cold, remote and relatively unknown to archaeologists, few have excavated in Northern Finland; many believed it remained poor and unsettled until the Middle Ages. But now, Finland’s first crowdfunded dig looks set to change all that. During a three week excavation in Pirttitörmä, Northern Finland, a small team of archaeologists from the University of Oulu […]

World’s Oldest Toy Unearthed in Capital of Ancient Kingdom


Archaeologists excavating at the site of Kültepe Kaniş-Karum have discovered a 4,000 year old rattle, which they believe to be world’s oldest children’s toy. The ceramic rattle, which dates back to 2,000 BCE and contains small pebbles, was unearthed by a team from Ankara University Archaeology Department. Welcome to Kültepe, population 70,000 Located in what […]