10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Archaeology Lovers

Starting to wonder what to get the archaeology-lover in your life? Worried about how you’re going to satisfy their underground tastes this Christmas? Then wonder no more because, whether they’re an aspiring amateur or professional mud-lubber, we’ve pulled together the perfect list of totally desirable gifts for anyone who digs prehistory. Santa, are you listening? […]

7 Classical Statues Taking Selfies

These days, the big trend for arts and culture buffs is #museumselfie. But we’ve noticed that not all museum artefacts are content with merely being in the background – since the summer, the statues have been getting in on the act. Here’s some of the best #statueselfies we’ve seen so far. 1. S’up gurl? 2. […]

Soldiers at Stonehenge

What on earth does a prehistoric monument have to do with WW1? Well, after digging through some archives, it turns out… quite a lot. Here’s the story of how one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks became the centre of its largest military training ground. The British Army first bought land in Salisbury Plain in 1897. […]