The First Stone Tools Weren’t Made By Humans

Archeologists and palaeonthropologists working in Kenya have discovered the world’s oldest stone tools, and they’re 700,000 years older than the oldest stone tools previously discovered. The Homo genus – the line that modern humans are descended from – is generally thought to have emerged around 2.8 million years ago as Africa’s forest canopies gave way […]

This New Graphene Scanner Will Give Archaeologists Something Even Better Than X-Ray Vision

Soon, archaeologists will be able to see through layers of paint and dirt to explore artworks in more detail than ever before, without even touching them. But that’s not the only reason that this super device is so exciting… Researchers working on INSIDDE, a pioneering EU Funded Project, have developed a prototype device that can […]

How to Pass Yourself Off as a Medieval Doctor in Six Easy Steps

Medieval medicine is a bizarre and almost magical thing. It’s as rich in detailed botanical descriptions as it is in off-the-wall remedies, like powdered owls and toad goo. Germs hadn’t been discovered yet, and the science behind medicine was mostly a mystery. And yet, alongside all the quackery, there was an emerging medical infrastructure that […]