Palaeolithic poisons: Why cleanliness is sometimes bad for archaeologists

A new forensic test suggests hunting with poisoned arrows might actually be much older than previously thought, but archaeologists have been accidentally getting rid of the evidence. We know that the Babylonians hunted with plant-based poisons and that many people still do today, but archaeologists have a hunch that people have been doing this since […]

Recipe: Bringing Home the Bacon

Crackling, sizzling, succulent bacon. A delicacy that’s so delicious there’s bacon ice cream, bacon deodorant and even a bacon festival! But where did our love affair with bacon start, and just how recently did bacon become the go-to meat of the early morning cook? In its current incarnation, bacon is a slice of cured pork […]

Not so vicious invaders? What genetic mapping tells us about our past

The first fine-scale living genetic map has big implications for archaeology. Last week, an international team of researchers released the very first ‘fine-scale’ genetic map of the UK. To make it, they took samples from 2,000 people with ‘deep roots’ in an area (those whose four grandparents had all been born within a 50 mile […]

Car Park Archaeology

A quick guide to the UK’s best car parks (archaeologically speaking). There are over 6,000 multi-storey car parks in the UK. I don’t know how many there are in total, but 100,000 seems like a reasonable guess. Whatever the figure, it’s probably enough to cover most of Rutland. I’d probably even go so far as […]