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Interview with a Space Archaeologist

Boldly going where no man, woman, child or dog has gone before, Dr Alice Gorman has been involved in the establishment of Space Archaeology as a sub-discipline. She’s also an out-of-this world authority on space junk and the applications of archaeology in space. Alice also earned my everlasting admiration by one of the few archaeologists […]

Victory in the Welsh Streets! Crowdfunding Saves Neighbourhood from Demolition

Civic crowdfunding has proved a powerful point: historic neighbourhoods can be saved from demolition and affordably regenerated, instead of expensively rebuilt. DigVenture’s crowdfunding partners SAVE Britain’s Heritage have won their hard-fought inquiry to preserve Liverpool’s historic Welsh Streets neighborhood from demolition.  In a nutshell, 400 of the 440 houses in this historic neighborhood, including Ringo […]

Crowdsourcing Archaeology: An Interview with MicroPasts

If like us you’re interested (or even obsessed!) with all things innovative and archaeological, you’ll probably have noticed the new MicroPasts project making a huge impact over the past few months. DV have been huge supporters of this effort since the beginning, and in fact we sit on the MicroPasts Advisory Board – another great […]