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Monarch Mining: Why digging up the famous dead is now a ‘thing’


Monarch Mining: Why digging up the famous dead is now a ‘thing’ Following the incongruous discovery of Richard III in a council car park, it seems that a trend for mining monarchs and other famous dead people is gathering pace. But is digging up historical celebrities anything other than the archaeological equivalent of sending out […]

Medieval Pottery Masterclass with Paul Blinkhorn

Paul Blinkhorn

DV is thrilled to announce the return of our Medieval Pottery Masterclass with Paul Blinkhorn, one of the UK’s most well-known medieval and Anglo-Saxon pottery experts! Over the last century, pottery has become an essential tool for archaeologists in deciphering information about the past, including site chronology, trade relationships and technological advancement. Using pottery samples […]

From Pixels to Pointclouds: Archaeological Photography Masterclass

Leiston Abbey Photogrammetry

From images of Neolithic monuments through to yesterday’s news, photography is one of the most compelling records of our world. Recent advances in technology have revolutionized the role of photography in archaeological site work. This fantastic Masterclass, led by one of the UK’s foremost archaeological photographers, will teach you the essential skills and techniques to […]