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The Legend of Black Shuck

You know you’re on to a winner when the Daily Mail runs an archaeology story with a question mark in the title. There’s always the hint of an archaeological discovery in there somewhere… but it’s down so deep you’ve got to drop another trench in just to find it. The big question we’ve always wondered […]

The 15 Best Viking Artefacts…

…You can see at the new British Museum exhibition As reviews go, the latest write-ups on the British Museum’s blockbuster exhibition haven’t been great. Mark Hudson in the Daily Telegraph described the ‘baffling absences’ of star pieces from the museum’s own collections, suggesting that the ‘sociology of Vikingdom is well-served but not the visual culture.’ […]

Vikings – Life and Legend

 The British Museum has opened its first major exhibition on Vikings in over 30 years, tailor-made to showcase the brand-spanking new Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery. DigVentures were invited along to the opening, and we sent self-professed 48th generation Viking (something to do with being born in the Danelaw?) to find out more. It’s a developers worst-case […]

A Knight’s Tale

Over 90% of archaeology that takes place in the UK happens as a result of a planning condition, meaning that developers have to balance the cost of new construction projects against the potential impact they might have on the historic environment. Where delicate archaeological remains can no longer be preserved in situ (by modifying, for […]