A big welcome to Polly, the new DV Social Media and Communities intern!

A few weeks ago, we advertised for an intern to help us with our social media and communities projects.There were so many fantastic applicants, it was almost impossible to make a decision! But we found Polly, and we’re already eternally grateful for the good stuff she’s doing. We invited her to a DV chilli-fest, and she not only survived, but might have even put Brendon to shame….she’s a keeper, folks!

DigVentures Polly
We’ve already seen this wise and knowing look several times…

Polly Heffer BA MSc

Twitter: @Archpolly

Polly grew up in Bath on a heavy dose of Georgian architecture and Roman springs. She moved to Exeter in 2007 to study archaeology at University, where she worked on digs in England and the USA, learnt how to flint knap, and came up with the now famous list ‘62 things to do with a trowel’ (whilst digging in 40 degree heat). She then decided to move to London to complete a two-year Masters degree in Forensic Archaeological Sciences at University College London, where she specialised in trauma analysis. When she’s not chatting away on social media, you can find her going for walks on Hampstead Heath, drinking tea in Yumchaa or singing in her local choir.

Always wanted to try archaeology?

Now's your chance! Our next dig is in July 2015

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